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2022 Life Update (School, Blogging, Lessons Learned)

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Hey everyone! It has been a long time since I have shared a life update, and I wanted to write this blog post not to inform or persuade, but to simply share a few cool things that have been happening in my life lately.

The first thing that happened, is that I just got elected to be the President of the North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University Pre-Veterinary Medical Association! This has been a dream of mine for some time, and while I have founded passion projects and been involved in a number of leadership positions, this is my first time being the President of a large organization. In all honesty, I was very nervous at first, but a few days after I was elected I remembered that I am a learner by nature, and that anything that I don't know I'd love to get to know. I have a wonderful executive board, and I'm also very excited to get to know them more and bounce ideas off of each other in regards to making the NC A&T PVMA Chapter a welcoming, empowering organization for all of the "Ansci Aggies" involved.

Another "cool thing" that happened, is that I got accepted into one of my dream summer programs, the Biomedical Research for University Students in Health Sciences (BRUSH) Program at Michigan State University! I'm actually writing this blog post on the way to MSU, and I intend to use this summer to dive even deeper into my passion for Veterinary Medicine and Public Health, and their intersection.

As far as the lessons that I have been learning, the greatest difficulty that I have been having lately is time management. Recently, I had to learn new time management skills, evaluate my existing study habits, and do a range of other self reflection activities to learn how I work under pressure. The past year has forced me to really slow down and re-evaluate myself, and has been really eye-opening in general.

There is always more learning to be done, and I feel content in knowing that chasing my dreams means that sometimes I'll have to fall down and get back up. I now have a ton of time to pour into this blog, and am so excited to be able to reach as many people as possible through my love for writing and animals.

See you soon!

Stay tuned for an influx of blog posts written and published from Michigan State.

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